Accelerating Competitiveness

Public policy lays an essential foundation for equitable economic development and is critical for cultivating a vibrant quality of place, attracting and retaining top talent, and directly impacting a community’s competitiveness. Our Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 team plays a vital role in policy development, policy execution, strategic growth initiatives, and political activities, convening and mobilizing an array of stakeholders across the city, 地区, 和国家. 

What It Means to Advocate

Develop Strong Policies

Through the Indy Chamber’s Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 department, Indy’s 地区al business community can align behind shared priorities that benefit all. The organization’s Legislative Agenda is the product of ongoing conversations with thousands of employers across the 地区. The agenda identifies strategies to elevate the Indy Region’s economy to compete at a higher level.

Engage in Political Activity

The Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 Committee (BAC) serves as the political voice of the Indy Chamber’s membership and the electoral engagement arm of the organization. Endorsing and contributing to local 和国家wide races, the BAC supports bi-partisan candidates who seek to advance the policy priorities of the Indy Chamber. The Chamber also engages in issue-specific public campaigns such as supporting/opposing referenda campaigns or coalition leading.

Execute on Policies

Government affairs and lobbying are key components of the Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 team. As the Chamber’s policy development process identifies strategic public policy priorities to advance the 地区, an effective advocacy execution ensures those priorities are implemented into law through its lobbying operation and elected official relationships.

Convene Regional Partners

Through the Accelerate Indy (AI) Collaboratory, the Indy Chamber is equipped to convene 地区al partners, generate insights, and guide operational strategy to advance solutions to 地区al challenges and catalytic investments. Review the AI Collaboratory’s work on the 65/70 Inner Loop Project below.
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Legislative Update: Famous Last Words Edition

Friends, applaud. The comedy is over. Legend has it these were the final words of the incomparable German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, uttered as he lay dying—in the middle of... 阅读更多

Meet Your 买足球推荐软件app排名 Team

Vice President, Government Affairs
Chelsea Cottman
Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 Coordinator
Danielle Drake
Project Manager
Taylor Hughes
Vice President, Policy & 策略

Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 Backed by Success

Through the Business 买足球推荐软件app排名 Committee, our mission is to advance the implementation of Indy Chamber priorities and initiatives through political involvement. We engage in the political process by supporting thoughtful, collaborative leaders to represent the Indy Region and proactively recruiting candidates to empower the next generation of leadership.

Statewide Impact

We engage in races all across the state from legislature to executive offices.

Regional Elections

We endorse Regional Mayors and Local Council candidates.

Public Campaigns

We build support for issue specific campaigns such as mass transit expansion and investing in local schools.
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